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10 Jun

About Pefkohori

Travelling along the coastal road of Cassandra from the Toronski bay, as if in a film, the most colourful views form the remarkable nature of this place are revealed before you. Imperceptibly you’ve travelled about 40 kilometers and when you see “Tunnel of zokum” you’re at the verge of the last coastal resort village – Pefkechori. Zokum blooms from June to October. The colours are soft -white, pink, red and they smell amazing. Specific data lacks for the distant history of Pefkochori. The old village was called Kapsochora because in 1805 it was burned to the ground by pirates. Today Pefkochori extends on both sides of the road.  The older part, from the mountain impresses with narrow streets and colorful Mediterranean vegetation. The houses are in the typical architectural style of Halkidiki. The new part of the village is between the road and the sea. Holiday rental estates are built there.

The old buildings here date from 1970. The new buildings are on the outskirts of the village and were made after 2005. Then at the foot of the mountain large hotels and resorts with gated penthouses were built. Pefkochori has everything for the tourists: a variety of accommodation, colourful restaurants, modern cafes and places for late night visitors. You can find every service and buy everything for your vacation. The coastal street is long. On one side is the beach, on the other, the establishments. This is the place for walks in the sunset and romantic dinners under candlelight. The sea is lovely: Clear and calm water on a sandy bottom with a gentle slope. There is a lighthouse and small tourist boats offer daily tours. Near the village there are many interesting beaches and romantic places. Pefkochori attracts the tourists. They come in May and leave in October. Many of them come back. Some looking for the good memories, other looking for work and many buy estates to make Pefkochori their second home.